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Vecata Invest A/S is an investment company managing the Bagger-Sorensen Group's investments in the venture segment. 


The company does not focus on specific industries but invests primarily in Life Science, IT, and technology companies.

Vecata Invest A/S invests directly in relevant portfolio companies and participates actively in the development of these. The company does not invest in the funds-of-funds segment.

Vecata Invest has invested in venture companies since 2003.

The affiliated company - Vecata Ejendomme A/S - manages the development of the Bagger-Sorensen Group's land holdings.

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Lysholt Alle 10
7100 Vejle

Tlf: +45 49288888

Email :
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VECATA INVEST A/S, Lysholt Allé 10, DK 7100 Vejle | Tlf. +45 49288888 | Email: